Hello all! A few days ago, I created the Ability Mix Idea Thread, and it seems to have been a successful post. Recently, I came up with the insane idea of making an extremely large chart to show all of our ideas thus far.

Well... here it is. It was certainly a difficult project, to say the least, and I probably spent waaay too much time in Microsoft Excel perfecting it. I suggest opening it up to its full size, as it probably won't be useful if you're just looking at it on this page.

Kirby Wiki Ability Mix Chart

If anyone discovers any errors or omissions or has any ideas for this chart, please let me know. In the case of any repeat mixes, I simply went with the original idea. Also, I will likely update the chart every once in a while to add in new ideas. Finally, I can add some stats for the graph to this post if anyone's interested.


(Last Updated: 11/4/2016)

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