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    September 14, 2013 by Poisoon140

    Well, MetaKirby's blog about Marx in SSBB made me want to announce some of my ideas.

    He has been in quite a few games, so why not include him?

    Tosses a spear doing 6 damage if the stick hits and 13 damage if the point hits.

    Spins his spear and runs a length of 4 Bowsers doing 18 damage.

    Uses his spear helicopter attack and flies upwards and does 10 damage.

    His spears suddenly stab in all directions of his body doing 15 damage per spear.

    He becomes energised with green glowing energy for 20 seconds. He attacks 5 times as fast and is twice as fast and his helicopter attack goes higher. It is a good idea to use the down special with this if the opponets are close. Also, the Standard Special will toss 3 spears instead of 1.

    Waddle Doo is in pretty mu…

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  • Poisoon140

    My game ratings

    September 9, 2013 by Poisoon140

    Hello! I have been encouraged by NerdyBoutKirby's ratings to make my own ratings! If you have different opinions, you can comment!Also, I will be commenting on some older games. Note that this is because of playing them on Dream Collection. Except for Kirby's Adventure, because my grandparents have a Nintendo. Also, I may not be placing them in order.

    Well, this game is just flat out awesome. It has great graphics (if you have my point if veiw because I like pixelated things), great music (escpecially the DeDeDe fight music), and pretty challenging levels. Also, you can kill Shotzos. The only downsides are that there are only 5 levels, spikes do too much damage, and the fact that I am stuck on the Extra Game screen. But it is great, escpeci…

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  • Poisoon140

    As the title suggests, this is a place for kirby ideas. Please tell me if there is already one of these on the wiki. There are some examples for ideas like enemies, bosses, and so on.

    Ka blooey: Is a bomb that just rolls around and explodes if it makes contact with anything except water. It can survive underwater. When swallowed, it will give kirby bomb.

    Big Hot Head: Is a mid boss that when swallowed, gives kirby fire.


    Flamethrower: A big fire kirby flamethrower attack.

    Fireball: A big version of a hot head's fireball.

    Fireball Charge: A big version of kirby's fireball charge attack.

    Enemy Maker: Just makes enemies and can't move at all. It can't make enemies that give super abilities.

    Star Kirby: It's only attack is spitting stars.

    Giga …

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  • Poisoon140

    I'm still alive.

    May 9, 2013 by Poisoon140

    Don't worry, I am still alive, just spending LOTS of time on Bloons Conception Wiki.

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  • Poisoon140

    Javelin Knight because he is not only my favorite Meta Knight, he is also my favorite character

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