As the title suggests, this is a place for kirby ideas. Please tell me if there is already one of these on the wiki. There are some examples for ideas like enemies, bosses, and so on.

New Enemy

Ka blooey: Is a bomb that just rolls around and explodes if it makes contact with anything except water. It can survive underwater. When swallowed, it will give kirby bomb.

New Mid Boss

Big Hot Head: Is a mid boss that when swallowed, gives kirby fire.


Flamethrower: A big fire kirby flamethrower attack.

Fireball: A big version of a hot head's fireball.

Fireball Charge: A big version of kirby's fireball charge attack.

New Boss

Enemy Maker: Just makes enemies and can't move at all. It can't make enemies that give super abilities.

New Ability

Star Kirby: It's only attack is spitting stars.

New Super Ability

Giga Cutter: The same as the lor starcutter's first cutter attack.

Soooo, do you like the examples? Are you motivated to make your own ideas? If you are, get started!

Poisoon140 (talk) 16:09, July 12, 2013 (UTC)Poisoon140

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