Hello! I have been encouraged by NerdyBoutKirby's ratings to make my own ratings! If you have different opinions, you can comment!Also, I will be commenting on some older games. Note that this is because of playing them on Dream Collection. Except for Kirby's Adventure, because my grandparents have a Nintendo. Also, I may not be placing them in order.

Kirby's Dream Land  (7 stars cool)

Well, this game is just flat out awesome. It has great graphics (if you have my point if veiw because I like pixelated things), great music (escpecially the DeDeDe fight music), and pretty challenging levels. Also, you can kill Shotzos. The only downsides are that there are only 5 levels, spikes do too much damage, and the fact that I am stuck on the Extra Game screen. But it is great, escpecially for Kirby's first game!

Kirby's Adventure (7 stars cool)

Kirby's Adventure is really awesome. You have more levels, abilities, no more OP spikes, and ROLLING TURTLE! Rolling Turtle is SO MUCH BETTER than Phan Phan (a Phan Phan army is behind me AAAAAAAH)! But the music isn't as good as it was in KDL. And Glunks, they now shoot up instead of to the side, which turned into a staple, making Glunks a little worse. Also, I used to think this was the first Kirby game. And it also released that dumb Light ability (good thing it wasn't a staple, it is the worst ability in Kirby history).

Kirby Super Star Ultra (10 stars ultimate)

This was my first game for my first gaming system, the DSi. And I was blown away by it. So many abilities, including the awesome Suplex! And there were so many levels! And helpers! I loved how Bonkers and Buggzy can be helpers. And I saw Marx Soul in the True Arena! And beat him! Or her. Is Marx Soul a him or a her? And I wish Marx Soul could be in more games. Honestly, this is actually on of my favorite video games of all time! Plus they had a green Javelin Knight!

Kirby's Dream Land 2 (8 stars epic)

Well, this is also a great game. I loved fighting Ice Dragon and Sleeping DeDeDe. Animal freinds were also a good addition, but not as good as helpers, of course! Still, great! There is some good music, too. Not much else to say, except for the fact that animal friends can't help fight DDD.

Kirby's Dream Land 3 (6 stars OK)

Well, here we have a remake that is actually worse than the games it was remade from. The graphics aren't too good, same with the music. And the Love Love Stick doesn't sound like a weapon at all. Also, I am stuck. Not really anything else about this game.

Kirby's Epic Yarn (9 stars awesome)

This game rules! You can't die, and everything is yarn! Like the youtuber Chuggaconroy says, not every game has to be impossible. And there are some cool mechanics, like sleds and antigravity. The only downside is that Kirby can't float, instead he turns into a parachute. And I hate 2 player mode.

Kirby Mass Attack (9 stars awesome)

Well, you can have tons of Kirbys and actually beat the foes up, what else is there to it?

Kirby's Return To Dream Land (8 stars epic)

Well, it is so cool! You have new abilities and more stages and more enemies and more bosses and more everything! The bad stuff is that it lost some abilities from KSSU and it gets boring a little faster than other Kirby games.

Kirby's Dream Collection (10 stars ultimate)

It has 6 games, tons of challenge stages, and some of Kirby's history! Is there anything else that needs to be said?

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