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  • I live in In a apartment
  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is leader of MUG
  • I am stickman
  • PropellerMUG


    Rocky-Does good damage and very hard to get hit as

    Chilly-Uber Broken.Attacks do a lot of damage and easy to master.

    Capsule J2-Rocket dive 1 hit kills weaker bosses.


    Knuckle Joe-Very basic.Short Ranged.

    Simirror-If you like attack spamming,take this road.Simirror does a ton of damage before getting hit once.

    Waddle Doo-Like plasma wisp but with less attacks and a better way to charge

    Poppy Bros jr-Battles are long but not hard.stay away from the boss and you'll be fine

    Bonkers-Hammer is a good abillity.Bonkers is a good helper because of that.

    Sword Knight-Fast attacks.Better than blade knight

    Wheelie-Did melee attacks right.So fast you don't even take damage while hitting something.


    Parasol Waddle Dee-He's got good attacks,but they are …

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