• Pupps18

    My Suicide Note

    November 22, 2016 by Pupps18

    My friends...

    I am sorry.

    I'm so tired of feeling pressured to edit, to communicate, to do things. I don't know half the things you do, I just fill up the forums with garbage posts. I have a lame profile picture, no signature, and I can't draw. I am tired and weary, and ready to move on.

    WaddleDoo77, you are a silly guy. You are helpful and joyus and I like that.

    Iqskirby, you were one of the first users I met. You know a lot, and edit to your knowledge.

    Paul2, you are weird. You have no center, you just do what you do. You are awesome.

    MetaKirby52, you are wise. You took a long break, but you are back and better than ever.

    Auroraareas28, you are new and active. You even made your own OC! How awesome is that?

    And so, these are my final goodbyes.


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  • Pupps18

    That Stubborn Tree!

    November 20, 2016 by Pupps18

    So, we all know him. Whispy Woods. The guy who appears 1st in (almost) EVERY Kirby game so far? Also, he (again, almost) always has some sort of new gimmick to him. Also, theories. Theories everywhere. 1 says he just wants to test Kirby, some say he is actually ALL the trees, and some say he is actually a good guy! 1 thing's for sure: he never appears the same way twice! PR had him as a mech, DL2 had him with a mask, DL3 has him turn into... well... something Mildly Traumatized Kirby wouldn't appreciate much. Triple Deluxe even made him a Floralia counterpart!

    So, that said, I have a few questions to ask:

    1: What was your favorite/least favorite appearance of him?

    2: What exactly IS he?

    3: Why did I stop being active in FOREVER?

    (Title is taken…

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  • Pupps18


    We have done it.

    Through weeks and weeks of thought, theorizing, replaying, and daydreaming

    It's here.

    The ENTIRE Canon of Kirby: Planet Robobot.

    First off, let me just say, with my previous theories, I was a little pushy about making you believe it. I apologize. Sorry.

    So first, we have the story mode. This is as what it is confirmed to be in the Ask-A-Thons. You can see there cuz i'm too lazy to post them here.

    Then we have Meta Knightmare Returns. So Star Dream has reality-bending powers, right? So, I think ,as it was being drilled into, it created a new, stronger dimension WITHOUT KIRBY. But he did not think of Meta Knight. So, after rescuing Kirby from being smushed, he went off to the other world, before the portal…

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    Kirby Puns?

    October 11, 2016 by Pupps18

    Okay, you can submit all the puns you want! I really love puns, and I want to hear some! 


    1. Keep it short and sweet. Let's go for quick one-liners here. Unless it's a REALLY good pun.
    2. One pun at a time. Too many can be confusing. As said above, short and sweet.
    3. No swearing. I know this might go without saying, but puns about Kirby should be kept E10+
    4. No "Suck" jokes. Unoriginal, stale, and unfunny.

    Without further inturruptions, let the puns BEGIN!

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  • Pupps18

    1. The mix. It's just so fun to be able to combine abilities! Giant Claws, Tri-Missle, Fireworks, Animal Friends, Swiss Army Knife, Lightsaber, the list goes on! And honestly, Kirby makes the CUTEST fridge! :3

    2. Adeline and Ribbon. These are, by far, the most beloved 2 Kirby characters ever. Adeline was nice, played a major role, and has been one of the MOST requested characters for smash 4. Ribbon was cute and had a great personality. She should have been playable at SOME point in the game. (No spoilers)

    3. The artwork. People keep asking for a 3d Kirby game. I say, who needs one. I just can't picture it in my head. For the button design I think of, you would need, like, 4 whole hands! I think it was okay with the backround being 3d.

    4. The…

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