1. The mix. It's just so fun to be able to combine abilities! Giant Claws, Tri-Missle, Fireworks, Animal Friends, Swiss Army Knife, Lightsaber, the list goes on! And honestly, Kirby makes the CUTEST fridge! :3

2. Adeline and Ribbon. These are, by far, the most beloved 2 Kirby characters ever. Adeline was nice, played a major role, and has been one of the MOST requested characters for smash 4. Ribbon was cute and had a great personality. She should have been playable at SOME point in the game. (No spoilers)

3. The artwork. People keep asking for a 3d Kirby game. I say, who needs one. I just can't picture it in my head. For the button design I think of, you would need, like, 4 whole hands! I think it was okay with the backround being 3d.

4. The story. I know it isn't all that special, but it just seems cool to me. They engulfed an ENTIRE PLANET, and destroyed the one thing that could kill them! That seems pretty cool to me. Perhaps they aren't as dumb as people think after all!

5. King Dedede.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Dedede64 render

It speaks for itself. CUTE.

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