My friends...

I am sorry.

I'm so tired of feeling pressured to edit, to communicate, to do things. I don't know half the things you do, I just fill up the forums with garbage posts. I have a lame profile picture, no signature, and I can't draw. I am tired and weary, and ready to move on.

WaddleDoo77, you are a silly guy. You are helpful and joyus and I like that.

Iqskirby, you were one of the first users I met. You know a lot, and edit to your knowledge.

Paul2, you are weird. You have no center, you just do what you do. You are awesome.

MetaKirby52, you are wise. You took a long break, but you are back and better than ever.

Auroraareas28, you are new and active. You even made your own OC! How awesome is that?

And so, these are my final goodbyes.


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