Now, most people like to include Magolor in his C-R-O-W-N-E-D form. I think he would work better as his normal form, and save the other form for his final smash. He IS shown to use powers in the Kirby theme park.Without any more interuptions, let the moveset begin!

Neutral-B: Power Orb. Magolor raises his hand into the sky, and an orb comes down. When the button is released, it flies fowards, doing 8%. If the button is held, more orbs will come down from the sky, launching in multiple directions. Maximum is 6.

Side-B: Enemy Summon. Similar to Dedede's side in Brawl, Magolor will launch an enemy fowards. He can toss a Waddle Dee, which will do 2% on contact, A Waddle Doo, which will do 5% when hit with beam, A Beetley, Who will hit the enemy with his horn and do 14%, and can fly, or rarely, Magolor will summon Knuckle Joe to fight.

Up-B: Dash Spin. Similar to Wario's Corkscrew, Magolor will spin upwards for a short time, but it launches him up after the move completes. Enemies hit by the spin will take 10%, and 16% when he is flying.

Down-B: Earth Spike. Magolor places a pool of green liquid, which, when stepped on, will turn into a spike and will launch enemies upwards, and do 17%! The downside is that it can be activated when leaped over, there can only be 1 at a time, and it can hit Magolor too!

Final Smash: C-R-O-W-N-E-D. Magolor transforms into his boss form, and can fly around and rapid-fire Power Orbs, doing 12% each hit! This lasts 7 seconds, and enemies can be hit by touching him, too!

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