So, we all know him. Whispy Woods. The guy who appears 1st in (almost) EVERY Kirby game so far? Also, he (again, almost) always has some sort of new gimmick to him. Also, theories. Theories everywhere. 1 says he just wants to test Kirby, some say he is actually ALL the trees, and some say he is actually a good guy! 1 thing's for sure: he never appears the same way twice! PR had him as a mech, DL2 had him with a mask, DL3 has him turn into... well... something Mildly Traumatized Kirby wouldn't appreciate much. Triple Deluxe even made him a Floralia counterpart!

So, that said, I have a few questions to ask:

1: What was your favorite/least favorite appearance of him?

2: What exactly IS he?

3: Why did I stop being active in FOREVER?

(Title is taken from his track name in Rainbow Curse)


MK52, you owe me.

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