Since I've been seeing a lot of "favorite/disliked things in Kirby" lists (aka "tables") on people's profiles, and because I've been beginning to learn how to make these myself, for everyone's convenience, I've made a free base for these lists! There are 9 rows for the most common likes/dislikes. So, here's how it works

  1. Go to the URL
  2. Click on 'Edit' and then click 'Visual' (if you are not already there), and just add to the base by typing in each row you'd like the object to be, and adding it under either category, depending on if it's your favorite this or that. Say what it is by adding it next to the object, for example, Copy Ability: SwordHere's an example to make it sound a lot more simple:
Favorite Least favorite
Mid-boss: Jukid Mid-boss: Mr. Frosty
Boss: Galactia Knight Boss: Whispy Woods
Final boss: Drawcia Soul Final boss: Grill
Copy ability: Beam Copy ability: Sleep
Helper: Plasma Wisp Helper: Blade Knight
Anime episdoe: Crusade for the Blade Anime episode: Beware: Whispy Woods!
Enemy: Owgulf Enemy: Gordo
Game: Kirby Super Star Game: Kirby's Dream Land

You see, just add your favorites and least favorites, tell what they are (like what is shown above), and make sure your object is under the correct column.

3. Once you are done, click on 'Source' and copy all of the content.
4. Leave the page without publishing the changes, and go to where you'd like to post your list and click 'Edit', paste it where you'd like it to be, and there! You are done!

If you'd like to delete a few rows, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'Edit' and then click on 'Source'.
  2. The multiple copies of ! scope="row"| are all supposed to be the rows. Delete as many as you'd like to reduce the number of rows. Be careful, for you have to remove the | symbol under them as well. The amount of text you have to remove for each one shoud be as much as the blue area of the following image:
Freetable tutorial

As for adding more rows, it's simple: Just copy and paste this,

! scope="row"|

and just plop it in there by editing in Source mode and before the |} at the end. but after one of the rows.

Well, that's it! I hope this helps. Incase you're wondering, you don't have to credit me. I would just appreciate it if you let me know if you were using it.

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