EDIT: Done! Thanks to Iqskirby for replacing the icons.

To any active editors that might see this...

I've recently uploaded a slew of borderless Copy Ability icons from Nightmare in Dream Land and Amazing Mirror to replace the bordered icons we have now. However, I do not have the time to go through each and every article to replace these icons myself, so I would like anyone who reads this to do it in my stead.

The icons I've uploaded are named as such:

  • File:<ability>iconKNIDLKATAM.png for icons that show up in both games;
  • File:<ability>iconKNIDL.png for icons that are exclusive to Nightmare in Dream Land;
  • File:<ability>iconKATAM.png for icons that are exclusive to Amazing Mirror.

You can also see this page for the icons I've uploaded.

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