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Our NIWA friends (at WiKirby) are having a bit of trouble

Here are the full details.

Yeah. As you can see, they're not doing so well. If anyone else here can lend them a hand, don't hesitate to do so.

UPDATE: The WiKirby domain will expire on August 13th.(cited here) Once again, if anyone can lend them a hand, it's urgent that you do so before it's too late.

UPDATE 2: WiKirby is back on its feet for now, although it's unknown who fixed it, the domain has still not been renewed, and the webmaster continues to be inactive.

UPDATE 3: As you can see in the forum post, WiKirby is moving to a new domain, due to its webmaster neglecting it entirely. Things should be under control for them by the time the move is finished.

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