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  • TheFoxyRiolu

    So, Planet Robobot is being released veeeery soon in Japan, meaning that we'll be getting final information on everything appearing in the game rather soon. With that said, what elements do you want to see in Planet Robobot that hasn't been featured or shown off yet?

    Personally, my hopes consist of:

    • Some more returning abilities: where is Spear, Bell, or Beetle?
    • Some more old returning abilities. Jet, UFO, and Mirror isn't enough really: I'd love to see something like Missile or Yo-Yo, though, as well as Water.
    • More mid-bosses: outside of new ones, maybe bring back Dubior, Bombar, or Master Green.
    • Some boxes from past-games, maybe HR-D3, Mega Titan, or even Metal General.
    • MAYBE one or two new Robobot modes: I'd prefer to see Mirror or Poison.
    • May…
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