• I live in Castle Dedede
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is Captain of the Waddle Dees, third in command of Castle Dedede
  • I am Male
  • WaddleDooFan77

    Pick one! ANY ONE!!!

    November 12, 2014 by WaddleDooFan77

    Sorry, I'm just a bit bored. Question: if you could be ANY Kirby character, who would you pick? Yes, anyone from the series! Please list why as well. I'd want to be Magolor, because he is not only very smart, he is powerful with his magical abilities! Oh, not to mention ridiculously kawaii.

    One thing I know for sure: absolutely NO ONE is gonna pick this guy.


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  • WaddleDooFan77

    Wow, it's been a while since anyone has made a blog post! Anyhoo, the title says what I want. Lately, I've wanted to get into anime. It seems to be really popular at school (9th grade, in case you were wondering), as almost everyone talks about it during lunch. I always feel pretty bad whenever I can't participate in their discussions. Plus, watching and knowing about anime opens a lot of other opportunities, such as being able to cosplay and go to conventions. Anime itself is really cool, and I just feel that I'm missing out. So I would like you guys to give recommendations! However, there are a few guidelines:

    • Very little to no explicit/inappropriate content: Ok, this is pretty tough. I'm 14 (my birthday is on January 5th-don't forget it!…
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  • WaddleDooFan77


    March 24, 2014 by WaddleDooFan77

    Hi, Kirby Wiki! I'ts been quite a while... I was in Moscow and I didn't have my laptop. Sorry for the inconvenience! I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me. I'm so hyped for Kirby Triple Deluxe! I'll try to get it at its premiere. In the meantime, have some edits!

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  • WaddleDooFan77

    Now that I have time to be on Wikia more often, I thought: "Why not create some fan art?" I like the KRtDL Mid-bosses, so I drew them! I didn't include Bonkers/Super Bonkers, though, because I couldn't draw them.

    I hope you like them!

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  • WaddleDooFan77


    October 2, 2013 by WaddleDooFan77

    I really want a signature but I don't know how to make one! Please help!

    By the way, I am currently working to expand the Kirby Right Back At Ya pages, as requested by Hothead999.

    Peace! -WaddleDooFan77

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