Remember how MetaKirby52 had that blog post "Interesting Theory"? Someone said that the answer would always be the same: "Dark Matter tainted the Master Crown ". My possible answer involves Dark Matter, but in a much different way... This is kind of the back story/prior knowledge for my answer.

Eons ago, Halcandra was a semi-organic, advanced planet. (However, it could not transform into a giant robot.) Its organic inhabitants, Halcandrans (Magolor 's species), were super-advanced and were responsible for much of the technology in the Kirby games, including the Blatzy, both models of Capsule J(2), the Copy headgear, the Moto Shotzo, and the fabled HR series of war machines.

This is where Dark Matter comes in: After 02 's defeat, he was blown far, far away, all the way to Halcandra. Extremely weakened by passing through Another Dimension unprotected and extensive blood loss, 02 settled into an abandoned factory to recuperate. Halcandran probes found him the next day, and, believing he was an oracle or a divine being, the Halcandrans hooked up his remaining physical body-the eye-to a huge, branching life support system composed of a dialysis/EKG machine and roughly a mile of transparent tubes carrying 02's thick coagulated blood. Strangely, the facility was very low maintenance, and parasites would often take root in filtration ducts. For this reason, 02 was in constant pain. Also, 02 was trying to regrow his already erratic physical body, which led to tumorous growths that added to his pain. Despite all this 02 slowly "advised" the Halcandrans and spread his hatred. Halcandra slowly fell into a dystopian state...


Next: How Magolor came into all this...

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