Continued from Part 1:

So, anyway, Halcandra slowly fell into a dystopian state. Gone was the democratic system of government, replaced by a system of overlords. There was a rebellion at one point, known as The Opression, which led to the deaths of many Halcandrans and all the Landias but one. Life became harsh, rewardless, and unforgiving...

This is where Magolor comes in: At the time, Magolor was a low-class Halcandran, with the lowest job ever: scraping off parasites and blood clots from 02's system. 3 weeks after the Opression, Magolor was cleaning the pipes when a freak accident involving Flare Beam and a rejected cross-wired Copy headgear fused him with a sample of 02's blood. Magolor was only slightly dazed, and resumed his work until he noticed blood leaking from his bandanna/scarf. Alarmed, Magolor ran home and tore open the scarf, which, to his horror, revealed a third eye just like 02's. Using parts from his workstation, he outfitted his scarf with an electromagnetic sheath to prevent giving himself away. Over time, Dark Matter's semblance within Magolor gave him his intelligence and his cruel streak. He worked his way up through the ranks of Halcandra, and by this time he had learned to control the erratic spasms of the third eye. He was 4th from Halcandran Overlord, when Dark Matter struck: Why not go for something bigger?

Next: Part 3: the conclusion...

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