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    NOTE TO BLUE NINJAKOOPA: Despite the non-Kirby related tracks, you SHOULD remember that there is still stuff related to Kirby and should be remembered every time. So please do not delete this and don't think it is not Kirby related at all.

    Well hello lopers ( A word from Coraline that meant "buddies" )!!!! Today is the day I start blogging here!!! Do you know what? I have been waiting enough time to ask people about this!!! Enough talking now. This is all the other songs from other franchises ( Video Game or other media ) that you ever WANTED to appear in the Kirby games. So then, let the list begin! ( Even if you don't have the game , you can still add them here )

    • Believix theme ( WinX Club Season 4 )
    • Bouldergerist ( Super Mario Galaxy )
    • Malagdnu…

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