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Vacuumus is an enemy in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Vacuumus resembles a green, reptilian monster with a raspberry red mouth, small eyes, and a spiky head.


Vacuumus appears in underwater levels where it sleeps inside of shells. If a Kirby bumps into the shell Vacuumus is sleeping in, the Vacuumus will wake up, pop out, and try to suck the Kirbys towards it and touch its spikes. If any Kirbys touch it, they will get hurt and the Vacuumus will smile for accomplishing this, so the Kirbys will have to swim away. It can only be defeated once it goes back inside its shell; the Kirbys must slam into it three times before it breaks.

Vacuumus also has a cousin known as Glub, who mimics the same attack, but doesn't hide in shells -- though a Glub's attack will instantly KO any victim Kirbys. However, Glubs can also exhale to blow the Kirbys away from it, while Vacuumus can only inhale the Kirbys.