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Episode(#J72 / #E72)
Ep72 Waddle While You Work2
Waddle While You Work
Name (JP) ワドルディ売ります
- Meaning Waddle Dees for Sale
Air Date (NA)September 18, 2004
Air Date (JP)March 1, 2003
Copy AbilityNone
Demon BeastNone

Waddle While You Work is the seventy-second episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.


When the NME Salesman informs King Dedede that he can't buy anymore monsters untill he pays his debt, he decides to sell all the Waddle Dees to the Cappies, but learns that the castle without servants is miserable.

Episode Summary

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The NME Salesman blocks King Dedede's account at NME until he pays his debts. Dedede puts up a bunch of machines selling Waddle Dees, as a way to make fast money. Mayor Len is the first one to buy one, and it instantly nabs a broom and starts working. Later, it's seen driving his car for him. They're very energetic and hard-working, and Len's car and house is soon sparkling. Soon, the entire town is filled with them. Tiff seems to dislike this, claiming that Dedede is selling the Waddle Dees into slavery. When the king tries to take out the money from the machines, he sees that they are empty! Customer Service seems to know why, but nothing is proved. When Dedede is refilling the machines, he gets an idea: He'll kidnap Kirby and put him in the machines! Said and done, he's later sold to Len. When Dedede tries to inspect what his Waddle Dees are doing, he notices that they're all gone! Waddle Doo is also seen leaving the castle since he has no one to be leader for anymore. Shortly thereafter, Dedede is seen talking to Escargoon about something (he wants him to do the Waddle Dees' work). Escargoon answers by escaping. Later, Tiff is seen looking for Kirby. It appears that she's figured out that Dedede repainted Kirby, but she can't find him. Later, Dedede is seen sitting in his throne room, without his Waddle Dees. Even Meta Knight seems to have disappeared, but he's probably just hiding, like Sir Ebrum, Lady Like, and Escargoon. Later, Dedede gets hungry and wants the Waddle Dees back, but no one in the village is willing to part with them. Dedede is then seen stealing food from a field. Dyna Chick is later seen walking towards Dedede, who thinks he's food. Dyna Blade isn't amused by this and attacks him. Waddle Doo is then seen commanding all Waddle Dees (and Kirby) to come help them, but Dyna Blade blows them away. Tiff then calls the Warp Star. Kirby nabs Dyna Chick and Dedede gets caught by Dyna Blade. A big bunch of Waddle Dees then clings onto Dedede in an attempt to get him down. Dyna Blade chases Kirby towards the cave they live in. Dedede and the Waddle Dees get thrown down, but the Waddle Dees start holding each other's hands and stops Dedede from crashing into the ground. The Waddle Dees are then sent back to Dedede's castle and the machines are modified to sell coffee instead.

English Episode Summary

The episode begins with King Dedede demanding an explanation for not being allowed to purchase any more monsters from Nightmare Enterprises. Customer Service tells King Dedede that this is "a simple case of economics", and that King Dedede is, as far as Nightmare Enterprises sees it, a "Deadbeat". Escargoon then demands to know how much King Dedede owes, and Customer Service displays, on a large calculator, "1170411246413708686". Customer Service also admits that this is "just an estimate". King Dedede, grabbing a cup of tea from a plate that a Waddle Dee is carrying, yells at Customer Service stating he doesn't have such an amount, and that he has other bills to pay as well. At this, Customer Service suggests selling off some assets. During this exchange, King Dedede drinks the tea, which is too hot for his mouth. He spits it out onto Escargoon, and the two dance in pain near the throne. They are then both sprayed by a gush of water, and we see the Waddle Dee's operating a hand-pump fire hose and water container. Escargoon mockingly states they should put the Waddle Dee's up for sale, however King Dedede notes that that is a great idea. Customer Service is amused by the idea, and decides to send something to help. We see something being sent through the teleporter, and the episode cuts to the introduction title.

In the next scene, in the center of Cappy Town, Chief Bookem, Kawasaki, and Tuggle are looking at a vending machine that appears to contain Waddle Dee's inside. Mayor Blustergas drives up to them in his car, and greets the three men. After a polite introduction, the men state they're observing the new Waddle Dee vending machine. We then see multiple Waddle Dee vending machines and other various Cappys looking on with confusion at the various machines. The men note how strange a "Waddle Dee Vending Machine" is, and Bookem decides to take a closer look. He notes that it costs some money, and then out comes a Waddle Dee. Kawasaki volunteers the mayor to try it out, and the three men look at him. Blustergas decides to go ahead and try it, and debates between the buttons on the machine that say "Cold", "Normal", and goes with "Hot". As expected, a Waddle Dee pops out, and the mayor wonders what they do. Without hesitation, the Waddle Dee leaps from Blustergas's arms and grabs Tuggle's broom. he then begins rapidly sweeping the stone-paved road, and Blustergas notes how diligent of a worker he is. He decides to take the Waddle Dee home and surprise his wife.

We then see the Waddle Dee, in uniform, driving Mayor Blustergas home. When they arrive, Blustergas heads inside while the Waddle Dee parks the car. The men from town, now in the company of Professor Curio, Buttercup, and Tokkori, followed Blustergas home, and find his house so clean that it is sparkling. The group peeks inside the mayor's windows to see how the Waddle Dee is doing. Buttercup tells Bookem, after seeing the Waddle Dee cleaning, that they too should get one. The couple turns around to see that the rest of their group (save for Tokkori) is gone, as they are rushing back to town to buy their Waddle Dee's. Bookem then takes off towards town as well to get his own.

The scene switches back to Cappy Town, where lines of Cappys are waiting to purchase their own Waddle Dee's from the vending machines. Kirby and Tokkori look on at the townsfolk and their Waddle Dee's.

The scene switches to Tiff's home, where Tokkori has flown to her house to inform her of the Waddle Dee Vending Machines. She expresses confusion and surprise, wondering why King Dedede would sell his Waddle Dee's. Behind her, in the living room, her brother is watching television where a commercial, voiced over by Escargoon, is advertising the Waddle Dee's. Tiff becomes annoyed, and rushes out of the house.

At Gengu's Toy Shop, Waddle Dee's are assisting him with putting merchandise on the hard-to-reach shelves by standing on top one-another. At Biblio's Book Store, Iro, Honey, and Spikehead are chased from the store by a Waddle Dee with a feather duster, as they were not purchasing the books, just loitering and reading them. At the Post Office, Melman and his Waddle Dee's are sorting mail, and Melman makes a note of the fact that the King seems to only get bills. Over at Yabui's Clinic, a Cappy is getting a shot to which Yabui tells him to stay calm as it will be over shortly. The scene abruptly switches to outside the clinic, as crashes and Yabui shouting are heard. The scene goes back inside the clinic where Yabui is unconscious on the ground and the Cappy notes he's glad the Waddle Dee's are around since Yabui faints when he sees needles. A Waddle Dee mans a gas pump at Gus's Gas Station as Gus goes out for a drive. In Mabel's Tent are dozens of Waddle Dee's waiting for their fortunes to be told, and a massive line out into the streets of Waddle Dee's waiting for a turn. Professor Curio takes his four Waddle Dee's to Kawasaki's restaurant and rewards their hard work with a meal. We see Waddle Dee's eating at most of the tables, and the entire staff of the restaurant, save for Kawasaki himself, as Waddle Dee's. Kawasaki enters the kitchen and gets a call from Blustergas who orders ten lunch specials, to which Kawasaki sends out several Waddle Dee's on delivery.

Shortly after, everyone is back in line to buy more Waddle Dee's, however Tiff arrives and is extremely upset with the townsfolk. Believing them to be taking advantage of the Waddle Dee's, Tiff is caught off guard when Curio points out that they either work in Cappy Town, or at Dedede's castle. Tuff notes that they didn't really consider that Cappy Town would be better than Dedede's castle. The Cappys express delight at how the Waddle Dee's have improved life in Cappy Town, and how they treat them far better than King Dedede ever did. Tiff realizes she can't argue that, and decides to give up.

During the night, Tuggle happily notes that he can sleep all night and still run the store 24 hours a day with the Waddle Dee's running the counter. Doron is running through the streets with a line of Waddle Dee's right behind him, chasing him down for Chief Bookem, who gives up as he tires and let's the Waddle Dee's handle the chase. Buttercup and Hana walk by, happy about how safe the streets are now that there are so many Waddle Dee's working for the police.

King Dedede, still late at night, is addressing his entire Waddle Dee staff at how their contribution is building his bank account. Tiff and Tuff arrive, and Tiff demands Dedede stop selling the Waddle Dee's into slavery. Dedede informs her the Waddle Dee's are not resisting it, that they are doing so out of free will and not because Dedede is making them slaves. Tiff turns around and asks her father, who was attending Dedede's speech, if he can do anything. Sir Ebrum responds, however, in sympathy with Dedede, that the Waddle Dee's do not appear to be unhappy. Lady Like expresses interest in buying one herself for help around the kitchen. Tiff decides to grab Escargoon's megaphone and shouts to the Waddle Dee's about how they're being used and they should stand up for themselves. To her surprise, not a single one makes any move. Waddle Doo arrives, and Tiff asks if he can change their minds. Waddle Doo, also, expresses that the Waddle Dee's are not unhappy, and states they are actually enjoying life with their new masters. Dedede laughs heartily.

Some time later, Dedede and Escargoon drive up to one of the empty Waddle Dee vending machines, and figure it's time to count the profits. They're excitement turns to anger and surprise when they find all of the cash boxes in every machine totally empty. They run to Customer Service to ask if anyone could get into the machines, but Customer Service admits he double-crossed them, that the machines automatically send all funds inside to Nightmare Enterprises, and that they will continue to do so until Dedede is paid up on his debt. Dedede yells at Customer Service and calls him a cheater, but Customer Service only expresses sarcasm at the comment. Realizing that they won't make a profit until they're paid up, King Dedede states they have to sell every last Waddle Dee.

Outside, the Waddle Dee's begin loading themselves into transport trucks inside of trays two at a time. Escargoon spots Kirby wandering the castle grounds by himself at night, and whispers a plan to King Dedede. using cake, they bait Kirby into running over. They then dress him up like a Waddle Dee, and take him along to be sold. Some time later, (still at night), Kirby is purchased by Blustergas, who is in the company of his shepherd, and the two haul the Waddle Dee's and the Waddle Dee painted Kirby back to the fields to help watch the sheep all night.

The following day, Tiff and Tuff are at Kirby's home, asking Tokkori if he knows where Kirby is, however Tokkori states Kirby never came home, and figured he was with Tiff and Tuff all night.

King Dedede, back at the castle, heads over with Escargoon to the Waddle Dee room, however they find it totally empty. It suddenly occurs to them that they actually did sell all the Waddle Dee's in the castle. Waddle Doo walks by the room and states that since he no longer has anyone to order around, he's out, and heads out of the castle. Dedede then demands to know who's going to do all the chores if the Waddle Dee's are gone. As King Dedede begins listing them off, he fails to notice Escargoon make a stealthy escape.

Back in town, Tiff and Tuff are still looking for Kirby, Tiff using binoculars. While the rest of the townsfolk happily talk about how great the Waddle Dee's are, Tiff and Tuff just note that they can't find Kirby. They head over to the sheep pasture, where Kirby is gleefully running around with the Waddle Dee's. Due to still being painted like a Waddle Dee, Tiff doesn't recognize him, and states it's just "sheep and Waddle Dee's". Tuff then says they should check the castle, but Tiff notes she knows already that it's empty.

Back at the castle, every room is barren and empty, what with all the Waddle Dee's gone. King Dedede begins maniacally running about looking for Escargoon, noting that he's hungry. Escargoon, who is hiding alongside Sir Ebrum and Lady Like, notes he won't save King Dedede and that maybe Meta Knight should do it. On cue, Meta Knight shows up and startles Escargoon. Escargoon demands to know what they're doing. Sword and Blade note that they're helping Tiff look for Kirby, but can't find him in the castle. Nighttime falls, as King Dedede blubbers about missing the Waddle Dee's.

Daytime comes once again as Cappy Town is seen happily enjoying their Waddle Dee's and the prosperity it's brought the town. In contrast, King Dedede is wandering the castle halls, disheveled and upset. Sir Ebrum, Lady Like, Meta Knight, Sword, Blade, and Escargoon watch as King Dedede leaves the castle, crying and talking about how he didn't realize he'd miss the Waddle Dee's so badly.

The following night comes, and Blustergas answers his door during dinner to find a poor-looking King Dedede standing at his door holding a coffee mug filled with pencils. At first Blustergas thinks it's a joke, however Dedede admits he's being serious, and just wants one or two Waddle Dee's in exchange for a pencil. The mayor refuses, and slams the door. A montage is then shown as King Dedede goes about town asking for a Waddle Dee. Samo, Bookem, Spikehead's Father, Mabel, Curio, Gengu, and Tuggle all slam their doors on King Dedede and refuse to relinquish any Waddle Dee's. King Dedede meekly walks towards the center of town, as the scene fades to many hours later during the following day. Tiff and Tuff are still looking for Kirby, however even Waddle Doo admits to not knowing where he is. Waddle Doo laments how the Waddle Dee's are all over the place now, and keeping track of them is impossible. Tiff, Tuff, and Waddle Doo are interrupted by a laughing Tokkori, who tells them to see Dedede wandering the streets. Cappys watch as Dedede, muttering various foods under his breath as he hobbles down the road, is still wearing his disheveled coat, which has become dirty and faded. Dedede himself is dull in color, and looks exhausted. Tiff admits it is sad, but she smiles since it is his fault this even happened in the first place. Waddle Doo, however, sheds a tear over seeing Dedede in such a condition.

Dedede's wandering brings him to a gated garden during sunset, upon which he pulls a vegetable out of the ground and eats it right there. He notes it's nasty, then proclaims to the sky that he will never go hungry again. Triumphant music plays, as the scene is interrupted by Tiff and Waddle Doo who wonder what Dedede could possibly find nutritious and edible out here. The two find out shortly, as Dedede notices a lone Dyna Chick wandering all by himself. Dedede, seeing him as a delicious meal, quickly leaps over and grabs the baby bird. Dyna Blade, not happy with this one bit, dive bombs towards Dedede. Although Dyna Blade misses, possibly to avoid hitting Dyna Chick, Dyna Blade comes back for a second attack, diving at Dedede at high speed. Dyna Blade barely misses this time, as Dedede manages to turn and run extremely fast. Unfortunately for Tiff, Tuff, and Waddle Doo, he comes running right towards them, prompting them to run as fast as they can. Waddle Doo falls over as Dedede tramples over him, Tiff and Tuff still running. Waddle Doo grabs his sword and shouts into the air "WADDLE DEE'S, TO ARMS!!". Somehow, every Waddle Dee in town hears Waddle Doo, and they all stop simultaneously, looking towards the direction the shout came from. Throwing off their uniforms and dropping whatever they're holding, they run in quick-moving lines towards the fields.

Back at the field, Dedede and company barely miss being hit by Dyna Blade again, and Waddle Doo tells him to just let go of the bird. Tiff notes he just wants Dyna Chick for dinner, and Dedede admits he has no intention of dropping the bird no matter how much danger he's in. Over the horizon come hundreds of spear-wielding Waddle Dee's, and King Dedede cries tears of joy at seeing the Waddle Dee's rushing to his rescue. Dyna Blade flies past Dedede and flaps her mighty wings, scattering the Waddle Dee's as they get too close. This, however, does nothing to stop their resolve, as they continue bull-rushing into the wind towards Dyna Blade. Tiff and Tuff conclude that Kirby is likely somewhere out there, and they call his name. On hearing his name, Kirby jumps into the air happily. Tiff then calls to Kabu for the Warpstar. As it arrives, Kirby leaps onto the Warpstar, and grabs Dyna Chick from Dedede's clutches (as he was about to eat him). Kirby then takes off into the air towards Dyna Blade's nest. Dyna Blade also grabs Dedede as she turns around to now chase Kirby, Dedede now high in the air. The Waddle Dee's leap into the air and grapple onto King Dedede, as a long line of Waddle Dee's hang onto King Dedede, fluttering in the wind as Dyna Blade flies. Kirby flies into Dyna Blade's nest, dropping off the chick. Dyna Blade, now that her offspring is safe, stops. She releases Dedede, who plummets, however the Waddle Dee's make a makeshift bungee cord out of themselves, holding hand to hand, and save his life. Kirby flies off, happy, however Dedede exclaims that he will not let Kirby ever steal his dinner again.

The following day, the Waddle Dee's are back to their duties at the castle: mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, and guard duty. King Dedede, now cleaned up and wearing clean clothes, notes that he wants tea. He waits for a moment, then proceeds to get up. It is then shown that in order to make use of all the vending machines, Dedede had them changed to dispense tea, however he seems to be regretful of having to buy his tea, noting that "Being the king sure ain't what it used to be around here." Tiff and Tuff laugh, as Kirby jumps into the air happily.
End of spoilers

Changes in the dub

  • The scene where one of the Waddle Dees works at Samo's bar and Samo drinks the beverage the Waddle Dee gives him was removed from the English dub to prevent alcohol references.
  • King Dedede's letter showing words "DDD" and part of the word and the initials for Holy nightmare were airbrushed out.
  • The word "comic" on the title of the book Iroo reads was airbrushed out.


Move the pictures up when filling in the episode summary (requires re-write)


  • When Dedede goes to find food, he vows that he will never go hungry. This is a reference the movie, "Gone with the Wind".
  • This is the second time Kirby impersonates a Waddle Dee, the first being in "Pink-Collar Blues".
  • This is one of three episodes to be included in the "Kirby's History" section of Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition, the other two being Kirby Comes to Cappy Town and Crusade for the Blade.
  • Noticeable on the machines, the Waddle Dees come in three different varieties: "Hot," "normal," and "cold." No one is seen buying a "cold" Waddle Dee.  
  • The first Waddle Dee uses a move like Spear Kirby's (or Bandana Waddle Dee's) Spear Copter.  
  • The name of the episode is a pun that may be a reference to a song from the 1938 animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, called "Whistle While You Work". 

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