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Name (JP) ウォルフ(worufu)
In Games
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Copy abilityNone
CategoryRegular Enemy

Walf is an enemy that first appeared in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Inhaling him doesn't yield any abilities.

Walf appears to be a blue sea-turtle with added antennae on its head, which ends up making it look a little like a beetle instead. While they can be found on land, slowly lumbering around, they will usually be seen skimming along the top of the water, paying no mind to Kirby or other players (aside from when they collide).


Walf's name may come from the word waif, as it has a childlike appearance.


  • The early version of Walf had simpler pupils (which lacked irises) and a bald head with no blue cover over it. Walf also had a lighter shell.

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