Kirby eating a watermelon

Watermelons are a food item in the Kirby series, and Kirby's favorite food in the anime series, Kirby: Right Back At Ya!. They are often used to lure Kirby into King Dedede's or Nightmare Enterprises' traps - such as into the NME Transporter which transports Kirby to Nightmare Enterprises, or Dedede manipulating Kirby into a karaoke contest by making first prize a lifetime supply of watermelons. It was the first thing Kirby ate in the first episode of the anime, and he eats a lot of them throughout the entire series.

Watermelons are possibly Dream Land's prize crop in the anime, as cultivated watermelons are a common sight.

In the games, watermelons are one of the standard delicacies that restore Kirby's health.

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