Hop on your bike, Wheelie Rider! Go for a drive with a friend. Use teamwork to roll ahead!
— Wheelie Rider's Flavor Text • Kirby Super Star Ultra

While he is using Wheelie Rider, Kirby can be seen mounted on a Wheelie Bike while wearing a gray and brown biker helmet. It is not a Copy Ability in the usual sense since Kirby has to create the Wheelie Bike helper from the Wheel ability first and then ride on it.

General Information

In Milky Way Wishes, Wheelie Rider is not available as a separate Copy Essence Deluxe although it has an ability icon to itself; it is created from the essence of Wheel, which is obtained in Skyhigh. Wheelie Rider first appeared in Kirby Super Star and later in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

It is the only time where the player controls both Kirby and the helper at the same time since Kirby rides the Wheelie Bike. Kirby himself can have another Copy Ability active, although he cannot use it when riding the Wheelie Bike helper. If player 2 is playing, player 1 can fire star shots from the Wheelie Bike. The move is not available when playing solo.


Wheelie Rider has the same attacks as the regular Wheel ability, except that P2 controls the Wheelie Bike and P1 controls Kirby.

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Jump A (when playing solo) Wheelie jumps. This jump goes much higher than the Turn Jump, and does not erase invincibility frames from Kirby or Wheelie. None 15
Dismount Up + A/Y Kirby gets off the Wheelie Bike. None 0
Star Shot B or Y (when playing co-op) Kirby shoots tiny stars while riding the Wheelie Bike. These stars deal as much damage as a typical exhaled projectile. None 52


  • In Kirby Super Star and its remake, in the final part of Revenge of Meta Knight, Kirby is seen riding a Wheelie off of the ship, exactly like if Kirby used it at any other time. However, in this particular setting, Kirby cannot dismount, and must stay in this form throughout the entire level.
  • In Kirby Air Ride, one of the Air Ride machines is a Wheelie Bike, and when racing with it, Kirby looks much like the Wheelie Rider ability.
    • King Dedede also rides a special Wheelie Bike when racing, also looking similar to the Wheelie Rider ability.
  • Wheelie Bike cannot attack or be ridden underwater.

Other Quotes

With a partner or alone, Wheelie Rider will be a great ride! When riding double, use teamwork to race past the bad guys!
— Wheelie Rider's Flavor Text • Kirby Super Star




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