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Copy Ability
Kirby's Return to Dream Land artwork
Name (JP) ウィップ (U~ippu)
In Games
KRtDL Logo
KTD logo
AppearanceKirby dons a cowboy's hat, wields a whip
Other PowersGrabs nearby food and 1UPs
Ability IconKRtDL Whip icon
Regular enemiesWhippy
Hang on to your hat! With such a long reach, whipping enemies is a snap! Pull enemies or items toward you too!
— Whip's Flavor Text • Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Whip is a Copy Ability introduced in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

General Information

Whip's attacks are fast and have moderate range, but below average power. Using the whip, Kirby can grab enemies and items, and hit switches; all attacks go through walls and can grab or attack whatever lies beyond them. There is also a Whip Challenge that can be accessed after collecting 25 Energy Spheres.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Whip Strike Button 1 Kirby cracks his whip forward. Has slightly longer range than Sword's basic attack. None
100-Whip Slap Button 1 repeatedly Kirby cracks his whip forward in a flurry of strikes. Hits a wide area in front. None
Ceiling Strike ↑ + Button 1 Kirby cracks the whip upwards. Has same range as Whip Strike. None
Jump Strike (midair) ↓ + button 1 While in midair, Kirby cracks the whip at a 45-degree angle front and below. This is the only diagonal-whipping move. None
100-Whip Dash Dash + Button 1 Ends Kirby's dash in a flurry of whip cracks. Has the same effect as 100-Whip Slap but lasts shorter and grants Kirby invulnerability during the attack. None
Whip Tornado ↓, then ↑ + Button 1 Kirby whips up a short-lived vortex with the whip around him, and he flies upward with it. This move makes Kirby go as high as his jump and grabs everything within the whip's reach around Kirby. None
Whip Grab Hold Button 1, then release Whip's grab move. Grabs any enemy in front of Kirby. Kirby is invulnerable as long as the enemy is held. Leads up to Lash moves None
Front Lash Whip Grab + Button 1 Kirby throws a grabbed enemy forcefully down onto the ground in front with the whip. None
Double Lash Whip Grab + ↓ Kirby throws a grabbed enemy twice onto the ground in front of him. Has less reach than Front Lash. None
Back Lash Whip Grab + opposite direction Kirby turns around throws a grabbed enemy in the opposite direction he was facing. Has the same effect as Front Lash. None
High Lash Whip Grab + ↑ Kirby throws a grabbed enemy high up, bouncing them off the ceiling or throwing them really far away. None

In Later Games

The Whip ability returns in Kirby: Triple Deluxe and seems to function identically.


  • Whip Kirby is an obvious passing reference to Indiana Jones, as the latter has an extensible coiled whip that can be used to grab objects. The former has the latter's fedora, except with a Star Motif.
  • Larger enemies, such as Pactos and Armored Waddle Dees, cannot be grabbed by the whip.


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