Kirbycolors This article is about the stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn. For the stage in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, see The Forest of Whispy Woods. For the location in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, see Whispy Woods Forest.
Head deep into Whispy's Forest to confront an old enemy. Watch out for charging Grizzos as you make your way through these troublesome trees. Launch yourself from spinning cannons to reach the secret treasures of the forest, and use the Tankbot Metamortex to put Whispy Woods in his place!
— Official guide

Whispy's Forest is the 44th level in Kirby's Epic Yarn and first in Dream Land, the eighth and final world in the game. It comes after Outer Rings of Space Land and precedes Tempest Towers. The Tankbot metamortex appears near the end of the level before fighting Whispy Woods.

The whole of the level is set in Whispy Woods Forest. Its atmosphere is consistent with Grass Land and Green Greens in the games which came before; even the few empty platforms before Whispy Woods are identical to their previous incarnations.


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Theme - Green Greens
Theme in Kirby Mass Attack cutscene
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Orchestration, as scored in SSBM - (KatAMSP)
KAtM logo
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Kirby's Epic Yarn version (Kirby's Dream Collection soundtrack)
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Theme - Whispy's Forest stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn
Epic Yarn Logo
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Theme in Kirby Super Star Ultra
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Theme in Kirby: Squeak Squad
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Theme in Kirby Air Ride
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Theme in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
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Theme in Kirby Super Star
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Theme in Kirby's Pinball Land
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Original theme in Kirby's Dream Land (Kirby's Dream Collection soundtrack)
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Original theme in Kirby's Dream Land
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Green Greens is the first stage of the entire Kirby series, being the first stage of the first game, Kirby's Dream Land. It is also the first stage in the Spring Breeze remake of Kirby's Dream Land in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. Green Greens is an area of grassland around Whispy Woods Forest, where the iconic character Whispy Woods features as the first boss in the game. The music's motif itself is frequently recurring throughout many games, and is not limited to playing in the location of Green Greens, with various remixes including Crystal Field (KSSU). The theme came up again in Kirby Mass Attack, with a marching band version.


  • The background music that plays is Green Greens's theme, first heard in Kirby's Dream Land.