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KRtDL White Wafers plaque
Kirby's Return to Dream Land icon
White Wafers
Name (JP) ホワイト ウェハース (Howaito u~ehāsu)
- Meaning ホワイト "White"
ウェハース "Wafers"
A place in
Kirby's Return to Dream Land
3Level 45
WorldPlanet Popstar
ThemeArctic Tundra
IconKRtDL White Wafers icon
Common enemiesArmored Waddle Dee, Babut, Barbar, Blade Knight, Blipper, Bouncy Sis, Bouncy, Bronto Burt, Broom Hatter, Bulby, Cappy, Cerulean, Chilly, Coldtzo, Como, Craby, Foley, Galbo, Gemra, Glunk, Gordo, Key Dee, Knuckle Joe, Lanzer, Leafan, Moonja, Mopoo, Mumbies, Needlous, Nruff, Pluid, Poppy Bros. Jr., Puppet Waddle Dee, Rocky, Scarfy, Sheld, Shotzo, Sir Kibble, Snowl, Sparky, Squishy, Strike Box, Super Chilly, Togekuki, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Walf, Walky, Wapod
Mid-bossesGigant Edge, Super Bonkers, Sphere Doomer, Water Galboros
A wintry stage that's covered in ice and snow.
— Official European Kirby's Return to Dream Land website

White Wafers is the 4th level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It is the fourth area on Planet Popstar that Kirby and company journeys through the world in order to find the Lor Starcutter's emblem.

General Information

White Wafers is a typical snow-themed world. The levels feature blankets of snow and slippery ice platforms. Ice-bearing enemies, such as Snowls and Chillys, and Fire-bearing enemies, such as Galbos are common amongst the levels. The world introduces Ice Blocks and Fire Blocks, which can only be destroyed by using specific abilities. Kirby can use Super Abilities to clear the way in some stages, revealing dimensional rifts. The boss of White Wafers is Goriath.

Copy Abilities

KRtDL Beam iconKRtDL Beam UI
KRtDL Bomb iconKRtDL Bomb UI
KRtDL Cutter iconKRtDL Cutter UI
KRtDL Fighter iconKRtDL Fighter UI
KRtDL Fire iconKRtDL Fire UI
KRtDL Ice iconKRtDL Ice UI
KRtDL Leaf iconKRtDL Leaf UI
KRtDL Mike iconKRtDL Mike UI
KRtDL Needle iconKRtDL Needle UI
KRtDL Ninja iconKRtDL Ninja UI
KRtDL Spark iconKRtDL Spark UI
KRtDL Spear iconKRtDL Spear UI
KRtDL Stone iconKRtDL Stone UI
KRtDL Sword iconKRtDL Sword UI
KRtDL Water iconKRtDL Water UI
KRtDL Whip iconKRtDL Whip UI

Super Abilities

KRtDL Grand Hammer iconKRtDL Grand Hammer UI
Grand Hammer
KRtDL Snow Bowl iconKRtDL Snow Bowl UI
Snow Bowl



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