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Name (JP) ウィング (Wingu)
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Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Trophy)
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In the anime#J87/#E87
AppearanceNative American headdress and feathery wings
Other PowersCuts ropes (
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Regular enemiesBirdon, Flappy, Owgulf
HelperBirdon, Flappy (Kirby GCN only)
Use wings to fly and attack!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Wing is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities. It first appeared in Kirby Super Star.

General Information

While Kirby has always had the ability to fly, Wing allows him to do so at a much faster rate. Wing specializes in strengthening Kirby's in-air capabilities and long ranged attacks. Although attacks like Feather Gun can take on enemies from long distances, they still lack power. Wing has issues against bosses, especially in Kirby Super Star, as many of the moves are short-ranged and have laggy endings, usually resulting in being directly on top of the boss and taking damage. However, many of Wing's moves have gained additional power and invincibility in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, making it safer to use against bosses.

Wing utilizes feathers and other such things as means of attacking. However, Kirby's new wings also allow for electricity-themed attacks that can often only be executed in mid-air.

After a long hiatus, Wing returned alongside another ability from Kirby Super Star, Plasma, in Kirby Air Ride. When used, Kirby loses his Air Ride Machine and instead flies along the track on his own. Wing Kirby's maximum ground speed is 28kph, but cannot charge up a boost. The Wing ability only lasts a few seconds in this game. Kirby can still perform the equivalent of the quick-spin attack, only that he spins without a machine. Meta Knight flies using the Wing ability, except it lasts forever. Coincidentally, Meta Knight also can't charge or boost.

Where there is strong wind, Wing is an ideal ability to use, because Kirby can soar through it, something he can't normally do with any other ability.

Meta Knight uses this ability in all three Meta Knightmare games, and his wing flaps even damage foes on contact.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element Damage 19960321
Damage 20111024
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Feather Gun B or Y / 1 repeatedly Kirby shoots out multiple (but weak) feathers. The first feather he shoots always flies straight. None 6 8 (first hit), 7 (subsequent hits)
Condor Head Dash + B or Y / 1 Kirby dashes forward and headbutts enemies that get in his way. None 10 14 (1st hit), 12 (2nd & 3rd hits); max. damage = 38
Combo Bomb ↓ + 1 during Condor Head Kirby cancels his dash into a downwards head-bomb, dealing additional damage. Electricity N/A 24 (if the body hit wasn't comboed from Condor Head), 21 (if it was), 18 (shock waves); full combo damage = 62
Combo Dive ↑, then ↓ + 1 during Condor Head Kirby cancels his dash into a diagonal head-bomb, dealing additional damage. Electricity N/A 24 (if the body hit wasn't comboed from Condor Head), 21 (if it was), 24 (shock waves); full combo damage = 62
Bomber Heading / Dive Bomb ↓ + B or Y / 1 (Midair) Kirby dives straight down, hurting enemies in midair. He lands headfirst and creates shock waves that deal even more damage to grounded enemies. In Super Star and its remake, this attack can be rapidly canceled and re-initiated by jumping, which allows Kirby to gain vertical distance extremely quickly if done correctly. Electricity 18 (in the air), 26 (when colliding with the ground, shock waves) 24 (body hit), 18 (no combo from body hit), 15 (comboed from body hit); max. damage = 42
Condor Dive Dash, ↓ + B/Y (Midair) Same as Bomber Heading, except this move propels Kirby diagonally down instead of straight down. Meta Knight has this attack in his moveset in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Electricity 18 (in the air), 26 (when colliding with the ground, shock waves) 24 (body hit), 24 (no combo from body hit), 21 (comboed from body hit); max. damage = 48
Toss Up/Down/Forward + B/Y (Near enemy) Kirby tosses the enemy or defeated mid-boss upwards. It does not do damage but rather sets up the enemy & mid-boss for an attack. None Untested 5
Shuttle Loop B/Y right after Toss Kirby loops around the enemy & mid-bosses right after tossing, hitting any enemies & mid-bosses that collide with him and defeating the enemy thrown. Meta Knight uses this same attack in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Meta Knight also has Shuttle Loop in his moveset in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. None Untested 50 (not comboed from toss), 43 (comboed from toss)
Hover Flap A (Repeatedly) Kirby flies. His wings do a tiny amount of damage to airborne enemies. Meta Knight's moveset in Kirby's Return to Dream Land contains this attack as well. None 4 4
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Gust Roll
← + → Kirby does a barrel roll, spinning obstacles and racers out of control. None N/A N/A

Kirby Air Ride

In Kirby Air Ride, Wing can be obtained by inhaling a Flappy in Air Ride mode, gaining it randomly from a Copy Chance Wheel, or by collecting its patch in City Trial and its several of its Stadiums. As it is a copy ability, only Kirby can transform, and not Meta Knight and King Dedede.

While in Wing Form, Kirby has average speed, and is more maneuverable than most Air Ride Machines. However, he cannot charge up or boost, and he is incapable of activating Boost Pads (or other environmental pads). The player can pick fast machines to cover straights and use Wing (or Wheel) to cover sections with turns - this is especially important in checking off several time attack checkboxes. Kirby cannot use his Feather Gun or any other attacks unique to the ability, though he still retains the ability to do a quick spin.

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Wing only features once in the anime, in the episode Waste Management. Wing gives Kirby unprecedented speed and maneuverability in the air. His main attack is Feather Gun, which shoots feathers to impale enemies, but he also uses his Condor Head attack.

In the transformation sequence, Kirby starts off falling on a feather, which he bounces on for a bit before bouncing again in the air, transforming into Wing Kirby.

Transformation Sequence

Wing transformation English version
Basic throbberwLbCXZNfd-Q250pxpx010iframe
Wing transformation Japanese version
Basic throbberNn_-8uA0t9w250pxpx010iframe

Flavor Texts

GameFlavor text
Amaze your friends! Toss your enemies into the air and throw them for the Shuttle loop.
KSSU logo
Midair spins and shuttle loops! Spread your wings and fly, little Kirby! Doesn't that feel good?
KRtDL Logo
Do a Shuttle Loop! Flap, fight, and rule the skies! Let your spirit soar as you spread your wings and bask in the glory of flight!
KTD logo
This tricky ability features a variety of high-flying moves! Soar through the air with Shuttle Loop, and attack your opponents from above!

Related Quotes

Kirby when he inhales a winged enemy and copies its flying ability. This ability can be used to proceed through strong winds that would otherwise be too tough to overcome. Wing Kirby can also perform a plethora of attack moves, such as the Bomber Head, where Kirby dive-bombs onto enemy heads.
— Trophy description • Super Smash Bros. Brawl


  • If one is playing as Birdon in Kirby Super Star Ultra, the quote will still say "Spread your wings and fly, little Kirby!" even though that one is playing as a completely different character, due to the Helpers sharing their descriptions with the Copy Abilities.
  • When Wing is used by the second player playing as Yellow Kirby in the Kirby Super Star Ultra co-op mode of Gourmet Race, the headdress and feathers will be red, white, and blue instead of yellow, green, maroon, and tan.
  • In Kirby Super Star, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kirby's red-pink blushes on his cheeks turn to short, red stripes. This was probably done so that Kirby would resemble a Native American Chief even more, as they are known to sometimes paint red stripes on their face as war make-up.
  • In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, all of Wing Kirby's diving moves make a buzzing sound. This is best heard when the attacks are used high off the ground.
  • Kirby Super Star concept artwork seems to suggest that Wing Kirby's original design was much simpler than his end design, having a pair of angel wings and no headdress.[1]
  • In the 25th Anniversary Poll that ran on the Official Kirby Website, Wing was unveiled on November 7, 2017 to have placed in the top ten.[2]



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