Name (JP) チリドック (Chiridokku)
First appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (Hour of the WolfWrath)
Latest appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (The Kirby Quiz) (cameo)
Copy AbilityNone
CategoryKirby: Right Back at Ya!
Don't sweat it Triple D that monster can wipe out a whole army of Star Warriors.
— NME Salesman to King Dedede • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

WolfWrath is a monster owned by Nightmare Enterprises, appearing in the 26th and most popular episode "Sword and Blade, Loyal and True / Hour of the WolfWrath", it is said to be born in the fires of Hell (a fact that was removed from the dub).


Although even NME Salesman admits that he doesn't take orders very well. He first appeared during the War against the Nightmare. He attacks and chases Meta Knight, who is stopped by two bandits, Blade Knight and Sword Knight. WolfWrath leaps at them and prepares to kill the two bandits, but they are saved by Meta Knight, who reflects the demon beast's fire back. Meta Knight then jumps onto WolfWrath's back and the monster tries to shake him off, eventually dragging Meta Knight down a valley into a river. Weakened by the water, WolfWrath quickly escapes back to its master.

WolfWrath was hired by Dedede, but he flees right after being ordered, forcing Dedede to block off all of the castles entrances and exits. The monster runs all around the castle grounds and finds Kirby, who he attacks with a barrage of fireballs. Meta Knight intervenes while Sword and Blade whisk Kirby and the others to safety. It is revealed to the kids that Meta Knight had a duel with the beast and a longstanding rivalry with WolfWrath long before Dedede ordered him, however. Meta Knight battles WolfWrath, but due to the fireballs fired at him, slowly retreats. The monster ends up beating Meta Knight and paralyzes him, leaving it up to Sword and Blade to defeat WolfWratholf. Seeing WolfWrath go on a rampage, destroying the castle and setting it ablaze, Dedede has a change of heart and wants him driven out of the castle. As it leaves, Sword and Blade try to fight it in the courtyard but aren't able to hit the wolf. The Warp-Star riding Kirby (who is beyond angered by all of the things that WolfWrath did) forces it to retreat and Sword and Blade engage it in battle again, and, knowing WolfWrath is weak against water, drive it towards a lake. As Kirby tries to attack, the WolfWrath shoots him out of the sky, briefly stunning him. Sword and Blade then literally try to drag him into the lake, with WolfWrath eventually falling into the lake and is defenseless for the time being. Thanks to the duo's quick thinking, Galaxia Kirby is able to slice the scarred and weakened WolfWrath in half, instantly slaying him. With WolfWrath destroyed, Meta Knight recovers from his paralysis and everyone celebrates.

Physical Appearance

WolfWrath is a redberry-colored wolf monster with gold-es orang eyes with lavender markings under them. He has a glowing green gem encrusted on his forehead, a brown nose, pointy ears, and a lavender mane. He also has six large pink spikes protruding out of his back, thick sharp claws and a tail. He is mainly quadrupedal, but has shown to be able to walk upright, as a human would. Electricity is also shown to course through the spikes on his back as well.

Powers and Abilites

WolfWrath is one of the most powerful monsters N.M.E. ever has (second to Heavy Lobster), Wolfwrath is a Fire-based monster. He has the power to spew out powerful fireballs from his mouth that can be fired in rapid succession and claw his opponents to shreds with his clawed hands. His teeth are also capable of paralyzing his foes too. He can also spew out a stream of strong flames from his mouth as well. WolfWrath also has the ability to look though walls, he feeds on fire to regain his strength and also has heat vision to see through smoke. He is also very strong in terms of strength, being able to break though the castle walls with ease and can both leap and jump at an incredible heights When he finds his target, WolfWrath's eyes and the green gem on his forehead briefly glows at the same time. WolfWrath also runs extremely fast and is smart enough to travel in the ventilation system to get to places. When chasing Meta Knight, it once climbed to the top of a mountain Meta Knight stopped at to ambush him.


  • WolfWrath's weakness to water is a reference to how water can put out fires.
  • WolfWrath is the first monster to defeat Meta Knight.


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