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KCC Wonder Lilane
Kirby: Canvas Curse screenshot
Wonder Lilane
Name (JP) ワンダーバイレット (Wandābairetto)
- Meaning from "Wonder Vilet"
A place in
Kirby: Canvas Curse
6Level 78
ThemeFrozen cave, factory, outer space
BossesKing Dedede, Paint Roller, Kracko
Common enemiesBang-Bang, Bloon, Bouncy, Bronto Burt, Chilly, Como, Flamer, Glunk, Gordo, Needlous, Shotzo, Snoppy, Spear Waddle Dee, Squishy, Thudd, Topper
Mid-bossesA puzzle involving moving mines around to activate switches

Wonder Lilane is the seventh level of Kirby: Canvas Curse. Its name is a pun on the color lilac, which is a shade of violet. Its three stages are:


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