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Kirby: Squeak Squad artwork
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Yadogaine is the boss of Jam Jungle, and it is controlled by Doc. It appears in the game Kirby: Squeak Squad. It resembles a large hermit crab with gleaming red eyes and a spiked shell. Doc is visible from a small cockpit in the walker's head. During the fight, he will constantly chase Kirby, and cause rocks (and occasionally Gordos) to fall from the ceiling. He may sometimes dig into the ground, sending square rocks flying. He may also fire a laser beam across the floor that can burn Kirby. However, as Kirby damages Yadogaine, the front starts to lose its machine parts. The claws come off first, then the mouth that fires the laser beam. This will restrict the amount of available attacks and slow it down. If Kirby manages to destroy all the attacking parts, Yadogaine itself will not be able to attack, and the pink hero can easily finish it off.


  • Yadogaine is similar to Heavy Lobster because both are an enemy to Kirby, both are oversized robots, and both are based on animals with exoskeletons.



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